Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wired Tropical

"Tropical is one of our latest and greatest Wired flavors! A real mango and passion fruit flavor we know you will like. Try it straight or as a mixer.

Fuel Your Body.
Get Wired!"

Still working on my stock-hold of Wired Energy drinks, and I still have one to review after Tropical. Once I actually get paid to have advertisements I will be able to stock up.

Tropical so far is my top flavor from Wired. I do tend to steer towards the Citrus Drinks however. Less Orange and more Grapefruit flavors drive this supplement. Overall it's enjoyable without being overpowering. As far as the grand scheme of things it's not that great, but for Wired it's their front runner.

Taste 8 out of 10

Aftertaste Strength 3 out of 10

Energy Given 6 out of 10

Overall 7 out of 10

AXB Enterprises

Image Provided by Wired Energy

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