Monday, May 14, 2007

Wired Energy; Fuel Your Body. Get Wired.

"Wired Energy Supplement
Wired Energy Drink is specially formulated to be the best-tasting energy drink on the planet."

Good try, but no. I bought 30 cans of Assorted Wired Energy Drinks for 50 cents apiece at a local Canned Food Outlet, and its worth EVERY penny. While the Regular Wired isn't horrible by any means, it is in no way the Best of anything. With a taste like you mixed Orange Juice and Pepsi it does quench, but that's it. Overall it's a good drink for the casual drinker. It's not fancy, and gets the job done.

Taste 6 out of 10

Aftertaste Strength 6 out of 10

Energy Given 7 out of 10

Overall 6 out of 10

AXB Enterprises

Photo Courtesy of Wired Energy