Friday, April 27, 2007

You Too can be Living Full Throttle

Full Throttle Energy has been the Bastard Child of Energy Drinks for some time now, and I fully support this. While others come at you with 2.99 for a 8 ounce can, Full Throttle is a MIND BLOWING 1.99 for 24 ounces of Energy. Why can they do this you may ask. Because it's not terribly good, and it's put out by Coca Cola. They've got enough money, so they market it towards the Bearded Ranks. Those of you out there who may in fact love the smell of leather against your sun burnt skin, or perhaps like to keep a Pit Bull chained next to you at all times. If you are NOT a "Gangsta Biker" it's ok though. It's still decent. Not teh best, but surely not teh worst, thank you again Double Hit.

Taste is odd. Not sure what it is that I get from it. It's somewhere in between Cherry Coke and a berry juice drink. I don't understand it, or the high quantity of gas it gives me, but I feel as if I should bark like DMX and talk like Kris Kristofferson when I drink it.

Taste 7 out of 10

Aftertaste Strength 2 out of 10

Energy Given 6 out of 10

Overall 7 out of 10

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1 comment:

COSK said...

Holy shit, I thought I was the only one who thought I should be barking like DMX when i drank it. I seriously do.