Thursday, April 5, 2007

Howling Monkey - The Drink with the Howling Big Taste

Like a mix of Urine and Gasoline, Howling Monkey DOES have a big taste. Unfortunately it is horrendous. While this is not the worst Energy Drink I've ever tasted, thank YOU Double Hit, it certainly is almost unbearable. The can itself looks Wicked Awesome, but in the end is ll for show.

Granted the one I am trying is another Sugarfree variety, but still. It's as if a PCP junkie Clown attacked me with a Seltzer Bottle. The additive that Howling Monkey likes to use is called Quinine, and it's the active ingredient in Tonic Water. BAD Howling Monkey, bad...

The makers of Sparks had me at hello, but really let me down. When was the last time you heard a Jerry McGuire reference? Am I hip yet?

Taste 1 out of 10

Aftertaste Strength 8 out of 10

Energy Given 6 out of 10

Overall 3 out of 10

Photo Courtesy of Gilbert & Sanchez Since Howling Monkey seems to be the damn Masons


Cheyenna said...

I am really excited about the reference to the Masons. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

You are way wrong dude. For those Energy drink Junkies out there, this is an absolutelly awesome and cost effective energy drink ever. it pick ur a$$ up and keeps it up.The tast is also way better than urine and gasoline. Well i've never tasted either but you must not like the green sweetarts cause that is what it tast like. I say you dont know your energy drinks!!!

Alistair Xavier Booya said...

Cost effective yes. I got a case for 50 cents a can. Believe me, Urine and Gasoline both taste just like you'd think.

Furthermore, I am the FOREMOST expert on EnOrgy Drinks, and if you think you can do better I invite you to AXB Enterprises to try.

Anonymous said...

Quinine is bad for testicular health, and it can lower testosterone. Not sure how much is in Howling Monkey, but that is one ingredient I don't care to try.

Anonymous said...

This drink is taste like pure crap, it also gives energy drinks a bad name overall. It's just another bad drink to try and take advantage of the sucessfull energy drink business. It's seems that once again, the almighty buck is more important than the taste or quality of the drink. Try and show some class and put out a good product which isn't aimed at my 10 year old kid's allowance money ie (.49 cents a can) We as consumers expect more and want more. Shame on you Mckinzee Rivers for putting out another horrible tasting, cheap product, in order to gain market share. Which is similar to what you did with the beer market. But what would anyone expect for 49 cents a can to begin with? Go figure!

Ksmittysan diego said...

Best tasting energy drink on the market by leaps and bounds. No aftertaste no comedown. I commend you Mckinzee Rivers for making the best energy drink on the market. Now make it more readily available!!