Friday, March 30, 2007

Sove Essential Energy - Berry Pomegranate

Called "The Better-For-You Energy" Sobe really delivers. With multiple flavors, this is not the front runner, but by no means is it far behind. The difference of flavors with Pomegranate is a welcome change to the abundance of Citrus Energy Drinks out there. With only 7% juice it's quite a surpirse. The flavor is almost over powering. With 48mg of Caffeine it packs quite a surpising punch, no pun intended with its flavor. I can HIGHLY reccomend this drink for even the casual Energy Drinker. For the veteran Energy Fiend it is MORE than adequete.

Taste 9 out of 10

Aftertaste Strength 2 out of 10

Energy Given 6 out of 10

Overall 8 out 0f 10

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Photo Courtesy of Sobe

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